Hey, there!

My name is Adrianna Bohrer. I’m the proud wife to a handsome, hardworking pharmacy student husband + new mama to our precious little boy. 

One of my favorite jobs ever was working as a style writer for a local magazine in college. I had been missing that creative outlet (and it made me so happy when loyal readers would ask when I was going to start writing again), so I started AdriannaBohrer.com as a way to keep creating + sharing the things I’m passionate about — mainly style, motherhood, and healthy living. 

My Philosophy On. . . 


When it comes to fashion, I’ve always been a less is more kind of girl. The type that stands in front of the mirror and usually removes one piece of jewelry before leaving the house. I gravitate towards classic silhouettes and great-fitting basics layered with just the right amount of accessories to achieve an effortless look.

[On the blog...] you can expect endless casual + cool everyday outfits (+ tips on how to style them), plus the occasional dressed up date night or Sunday church ensemble. 


I’m new to the mama role + after years of wondering whether or not I would be able to have kids, I can honestly say I have loved every moment of being a mom (yes, even the rancid smelling diapers & the endless bouts of crying—I may still be in the honeymoon phase of parenting though).  I love a good honest mom talk + think it’s so important to have fellow mamas to go on this journey with. I’m a self-professed research wizard + avid review reader, especially when it come to buying anything baby related.

[On the blog...] you can expect my tried-&-true honest mom favs in baby products, kid’s clothes, and maybe even the occasional “mom talk” moment. 

Healthy Living 

I’ve been diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions + spent the last 7+ years battling chronic illness. It’s not something I expected at 18 years old but I’ve always had a fighter mentality and I wasn’t about to give in, so I’ve overhauled my entire diet & lifestyle to work on regaining my health. I’ve traded processed foods for a paleo lifestyle + slowly switched over from chemical-filled household and beauty products to more natural, cleaner alternatives. As a former personal trainer, I understand the importance of an individualized approach to health + fitness.

[On the blog...] you can expect my favorite tips + tricks for living a healthier lifestyle, from fitness to food and everything in between.

I believe in the power of prayer + the magic of a good hair day + chasing your dreams + enjoying the little things + kitchen dance parties + always being a little kinder than necessary + that every woman is infinitely more beautiful than she thinks. 

Thanks for stopping by here. I invite you to pull up a chair + stay a while. Take a look around... I hope you find something to inspire your style + simplify your mom life + encourage you to live a little healthier! 


Adrianna Bohrer

PS I absolutely love getting feedback & hearing what you like, dislike, or what you may want more of! Send me an email or join me over on Instagram with any requests, questions, or just to say hello!