9 Ways to Wear an Olive Jacket

An olive jacket is pretty much the peanut butter to my “jeans & a tee” jelly… it blends so well with my everyday basics & adds a masculine edge to some of my more girly looks. Today on the blog, I’m sharing to 9 different ways to style an olive jacket… whether it’s a masculine utility jacket or a comfy sweater-type jacket, these outfit ideas are sure to spark your creativity & be the perfect addition to your spring & summer wardrobe!

How to Switch up a Basic Tee & Jeans Outfit By Swapping Out Accessories

Jeans & a tee... It’s effortless, casual, and relatively simple to throw together for your everyday outfit... but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! The jeans & a tee outfit is by far one of all-time fav looks. It’s cute, casual, effortless yet pulled together, and takes about 2 seconds to throw on after my morning workout.

However, the jeans & a tee outfit can get result boring really fast, if you don’t know how to mix it up! Rather than switching out your jeans for a distressed pair or even changing the color or style of your tee shirt, one of my favorite ways to switch up my basic jeans & tee outfit is by simply swapping out accessories! Literally, just a few tweaks to the same outfit can make it look completely different!

The #1 Mindset Shift I Used to Finally Embrace Healthy Eating as a Lifestyle

I’ve had my fair share of ups & downs with healthy eating, but last year I FINALLY discovered something that made a HUGE difference in how I viewed health eating AND allowed me to finally embrace healthy eating a lifestyle, not just a temporary goal that felt tough and restrictive. I discovered this Mindset Shift after years of struggling with restrictive diets & chronic health issues, but once I started applying to my life it instantly became a total game-changer! And no, it isn’t some fancy meditation or complicated 3 step process I go through before I take a single bite of food… no, its actually quite simple.

How to Tie, Tuck, & Knot Your Tee Shirt to Flatter Your Figure

There’s no doubt about it that tucking in or tying your tee instantly makes your outfit look more flattering + pulled together. Whether you’re going for a polished + clean vibe or an effortless + chic everyday look, mastering the knack of how to tie, tuck, and knot your tee is essential. So today I’m walking through it all the best way I know how, step by step showing you three different levels of tying, tucking, and knotting your tee + how I decide which one to wear with an outfit!

3 Daily Kitchen Uses for Branch Basic Non Toxic Cleaner

We’ve been long-time fans in our house of the non-toxic miracle cleaning magic of Branch Basics!

From getting day old raspberry stains out of my son’s khaki shorts to freshening up his pooped-stained white onesies as good as new & even cleaning our fresh fruit & washing our hands daily... this stuff literally does it all! And it does it all without compromising our health or taking hours of extra elbow grease just to get results!

If it sounds too good to be true, I hear ya! I was skeptical at first, too! But every time I try Branch Basics on a new mess, it’s never ceases to deliver amazing results!

3 Ways to Transition Your Winter Sweaters Into Spring

If you’re anything like me, you’ve just gotten tons of fresh snow on the ground & spring is far from feeling like it’s right around the corner. But I promise you, it’s coming! That bright green grass & blue sunshine-filled skies will be here before you know it! But until then, you’re likely still snuggled up in your cozy winter sweaters just dreaming of springtime... so today I’m sharing how you can transition your winter sweaters into spring so you’re ready for those longer days & warmer weather when they finally do come! And you can bring a little taste of springtime into winter wardrobe, too!

2 Ways to Wear a Bow In Your Hair (for a Sophisticated, Grown Up Look)

It’s adorable tied in your little girls’ hair. It’s a major no-no on the butt of a bridesmaid dress. And you may even remembering wearing them as a little girl yourself. But you’ve probably never ventured into wearing them anytime recently, at least not in your hair!

Here’s 2 different hairstyles for how wear a bow in your hair to add a little fun & feminine touch to your style:

3 Ways to Tie a Silk Scarf in Your Hair

A silk scarf tied in your hair may look effortless & easy when it’s done correctly, but sometimes getting this look right the first time can be a little bit tricky! So today I’m sharing breaking it down & sharing 3 ways to get in on this effortlessly chic trend… complete with my fail-proof tips for keeping this look feeling elegant and polished (rather than childish & messy)! Because the trick to getting this hairstyle to look effortless is as easy as choosing the right type of hairstyle with the right length scarf!

2 Ways to Style a Black Sweater & Jeans Outfit

Whether it’s a turtleneck, cowl neck, fitted or oversized… the black sweater is a perfectly quintessential classic & chic choice for any winter outing. It combines the best of both worlds by bringing together both the timeless & chic vibes of the color black with the casual & cozy comfiness of a sweater. A black sweater has been a long-time closet staple of mine, and this updated oversized-sleeves-meets-turtleneck version feels like just the right combo of classic yet trendy for this winter season.

Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas, DIY & Giveaway

If you’re looking for a little something special to give as a Galentine’s Day gift this year, makeup is such a fun gift! It’s not something we usually venture out to buy for ourselves - at least not outside of our normal makeup favs. So it’s a fun way to treat your girlfriends & let them know how special they are to you! And she’ll even get to try out a new color of lipstick or makeup brands she’s never tried before! 

And because I’ve always loved the presentation of a gift as much as the gift itself, I’ve included a quick little (& inexpensive!) way to DIY your own gift bag that adds a little personal touch to your gift!

How to Make a Gallery Wall on a Budget (DIY)

I’ve always loved the idea of gallery wall, but not so much the price point! Everything I found was always so expensive... those fancy websites that custom frame your favorite photos & create that perfect Pinterest-worthy wall of photos? Hundreds. So instead of paying someone else to do the work, I decided to get creative & come up with my own DIY version of a gallery wall that stills make a stunning statement but without the hefty price tag. Here’s how I did it!

3 Ways to Style an Oversized Flannel + Jeans Outfit

t’s officially that post-holiday, not-yet-spring awkward winter season where the weather  feels a little extra dreary and dull... but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be dreary and dull. Let’s reenergize your wardrobe & capture that magical feeling of cozying up by the fire with a warm cup of hot cocoa & diving into your favorite book — or current Netflix obsession — with a quintessential oversized flannel & jeans outfit. Pretty much the coziest option for this time of year (other than actual sweatpants), the oversized flannel doesn’t have to be a strict leggings only outfit. Here’s 3 ways to style an oversized flannel & jeans outfit.

How to Refresh Your Style for 2019

Style is so much more than movies and magazines make you believe… it’s not about pretty clothing or getting compliments.

Style is about who you are & how you show up in the world. It's about how you carry yourself and how that presence makes other people feel.

Style is the first decision you make everyday - when you decide what to wear - to either show up as the best version of yourself or some lesser version of yourself.

For 2019, I want you to show up as BEST version of yourself… for yourself, for your kiddos, for your hubby, and for the beautiful gift that you are to the world.

That’s why I’m sharing 3 Easy Steps to Refresh Your Style for 2019, so you can go into the New Year feeling authentically confident & effortlessly chic (without spending hours in front of your bathroom mirror everyday — because you’ve got more important adventures to be had!)

5 Ways to Wear Red for Christmas Eve

I can hardly believe that Christmas Eve is right around the corner! If you’re anything like me you’ve been so excited trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list and totally forgot to even think about what you’ll be wearing to your Christmas Eve get-together…

No worries, I’ve got your covered! From subtle holiday spirit with just a touch of red to full-on festive outfits (and even a maternity outfit idea), this list is sure to help you find that perfect holiday outfit so you can look + feel your best for the most wonderful time of the year! Merry early Christmas!