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How to Build a Maternity Wardrobe On a Budget

How to Build a Maternity Wardrobe On a Budget

Maternity clothes can be crazy expensive...

and sometimes it’s hard to justify spending an arm and a leg on a whole new wardrobe just for 9 months of wear. Believe me, I didn’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a maternity wardrobe either. But the good news is you don’t have to! Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in life + you should be able to look and feel just as beautiful! These are my tried & true 4 key pieces I used to turn my fav non-maternity clothes into a brand new maternity wardrobe for a fraction of the cost!


4 Key Pieces to Build a Maternity Wardrobe on a Budget


1. One Good Pair of Maternity Jeans

You can use the “rubber band” trick on your current jeans for the first trimester or so, but after that one good pair of maternity jeans will be a lifesaver. I found my one good pair at Kohl’s of all places, even though I tried many other more expensive pairs, so it doesn't have to cost you a ton of money either! At first, I thought I would like the under-the-belly pairs with side panels so I could still front tuck my tops, but I actually preferred the over-the-belly pairs with a full belly band instead. They stayed in place much better + smoothed out any lumps and bumps (which is a major win whether you’re pregnant or not!). The front tuck is a great way to disguise a tiny baby bump before announcing to friends and family, but after that fitted tees will be much more flattering anyways!

SHOP THE LOOK:  Shop maternity jeans below... (the first pair are the Kohl's brand I loved when I was pregnant)


2. Two (or Three, or Four) Pairs of Maternity Leggings

My absolute favorite, can’t-live-without-‘em leggings of.all.time are the Blani maternity (+ postpartum) leggings. They’re one of the only pairs (maternity or not) I’ve found that are a deep, rich, true black color. Not to mention the full belly coverage with this amazingly breathable + seamless fabric that stays super comfortable as your belly grows bigger and bigger. I actually wore them to the hospital the day my little guy was born. Best of all, they make your legs look super slim + fit without any of that nasty compression-like feeling most other leggings have. I’ll warn you, they’re a little bit pricey, but I promise it’s absolutely worth it! (I just ordered their new SportSupport leggings + can’t wait to try them!) 

USE this LINK to SAVE $20 OFF your first order of Blanqi leggings HERE!

SHOP THE LOOK: Shop my fav maternity + postpartum legging below...


3. Cute + Comfy Sneakers

Sneakers are your new best friend. Because hello, ain’t nobody walking around in the high heels after that first trimester. Well, at least I wasn’t. I was able to stay super active throughout my entire pregnancy, and even then I preferred sneakers over heels any day. The extra balancing act with your growing belly + the added comfort with possible swollen, achy feet will make a couple cute pairs of Nike sneakers your new fav fashion accessory. I also relied on my trusty white converse sneakers, too! If athleisure is your thing, I’m sure you already have some awesome options lying around your house. But if it’s not, pregnancy is the perfect time to try out the athleisure trend. Find some bright colored Nike’s or black + white Adidas and give it a go!

SHOP THE LOOK: Shop my fav comfy sneakers below...


4. Basic Maternity Tees

These are a must + will make all of your fav oversized flannels, open front cardigans, and lightweight jackets into the perfect maternity outfit. I suggest getting a gray, black, white, and black & white stripe versions. I’m a basic tee + jeans kind of gal, so I got both long and short sleeve versions. I know it sounds like a lot, but great basics allow you to make multiple different outfits with the clothes you already own instead of investing in a ton of expensive maternity clothes.

STYLE TIP: Any tee with ruched sides will be extra flattering + a longer length tee pairs well with both leggings and jeans (giving you more bang for your buck!)

SHOP THE LOOK: Shop my fav basic maternity tees below...

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