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How to Style The Boyfriend Tee for an Effortless Look

How to Style The Boyfriend Tee for an Effortless Look

It’s effortless. It’s comfy. It’s the epitome of casual + cool vibes... it’s the boyfriend tee.

Jeans + boyfriend tee is one of my go-to momiform looks (ie. an easy throw it on & go outfit that looks effortless yet pulled-together), but styling the oversized top isn’t always that easy.

Here’s 2 Fail-Proof Tips for styling the boyfriend tee to make it look effortless + on trend (rather than frumpy + like you're drowning in fabric).


#1 Roll the Sleeves

HOW-TO: Fold the sleeve up two hem lengths for a finished look. Doing just one fold makes it look like its turned up on accident (in a bad way)...I've tried this before and I can't tell you how many times someone kindly told me my sleeve was rolled or even tried to fix it for me (like my husband, haha)

BEFORE: keeping the sleeves long makes the look feel a little too baggy + unkept

AFTER: rolling the sleeves up gives structure to the tee + adds a finished feel to the overall casual look


#2 The Accidental Tuck

HOW-TO: Use your thumb to tuck in just a little bit of the tee slightly off center on one side or the other, almost as if it was “accidentally” tucked in (but in a good way)

BEFORE: when paired with jeans leaving the bottom hang loose feels baggy + unfinished (NOTE: leaving the bottom of a boyfriend tee hang loose may work when paired with leggings)

AFTER: the accidental tuck adds visual interest + complements the effortless vibe of the look


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