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5 Things I Wish I Had Known About Breastfeeding

#1 Breastfeeding is actually kind of hard!

It takes so much disciple and sacrifice, but every second is absolutely worth it. Anyone who tells you otherwise, either has never breastfed or just doesn’t remember correctly! It’s definitely a commitment. But if your able and willing, I think it’s one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your baby. The special bond. The amazing health benefits for both mama and baby. And the extra time spent together is absolutely more than worth every late night pumping session, sore nipple, milk blister, or millionth nursing bra you try on! …

Healthy Living Swaps: Branch Basics Non-Toxic Baby Stain Remover (Before + After)

How many times have you cringed as you discover your baby pooped out on his adorable little outfit?

Or your toddler smeared raspberries all over his khaki shorts you were planning to use for family pictures next week? True story.

I’ve been there countless times + sometimes even the thought of trying to get some stains out was enough to make me want to cry. I may have been a little too attached to my baby’s clothes, but what can I say? They’re adorable + motherhood has made me all kinds of sentimental.

From soaking them in the sink for days, to using bleach on anything white, and even throwing them in the wash asap, nothing seemed to work well enough! And after 6 months of spraying + scrubbing + soaking his little clothes with every kind of soap, bleach, or stain spray imaginable, I finally found the magic!

Recent Finds: Toddler Boy Pajamas

Hey, there! I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the month of June!

Pajamas are one of my favorite baby clothes to buy. They’re just so cute + snuggly and there’s really nothing better than putting a freshly washed babe in bedtime jammies. Now that it’s summer, I’ve been on the hunt for some new short jammies for my little guy. He already sweats like crazy in his sleep, so getting a few more pairs of short sleeves + shorts pajamas was a must for summer!

Best Baby Teethers for Each Stage (0-12 months)

Oh my goodness, teething is rough!

It breaks my heart watching my little guy in teething pain + grasping at anything and everything he can get his hands on to bite on for some relief. I remember days when he would go through 3+ drool bibs because he was teething so bad. Teething stages come and go, but over the past year I’ve found some of the best baby teethers for each stage that really helped my little guy (and his mama) get through some tough teething days! Hopefully, some of our favorites will become some of your favorites too + help your teething little babe feel better!

My Top 7 Diaper Changing Essentials

They say you change a baby’s diaper an average of 7 times per day for the first year.... I can remember some days at least double that when my little guy was a newborn! That’s a lot of diaper changing!

When you do something that often, you quickly find that some things work (& others don’t). Here are my tried + true 7 diaper changing essentials that I recommend to any new mommy and daddy out there!