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Best Baby Teethers for Each Stage (0-12 months)

Best Baby Teethers for Each Stage (0-12 months)

Oh my goodness, teething is rough!

It breaks my heart watching my little guy in teething pain + grasping at anything and everything he can get his hands on to bite on for some relief. I remember days when he would go through 3+ drool bibs because he was teething so bad. Teething stages come and go, but over the past year I’ve found some of the best baby teethers for each stage that really helped my little guy (and his mama) get through some tough teething days! Hopefully, some of our favorites will become some of your favorites too + help your teething little babe feel better!

Stage 1: Pre-Teeth/3+ months

Classic foam bathtub letters make the perfect first teething toy. I learned this trick from a fellow mama and I’m so thankful I did! The letters are just the right texture and softness for your little one to start gnawing on. I had to hold each letter for my little guy at first but it’s amazing how fast he learned and could start holding them for himself.


Stage 2: First Tooth/4+months

As my little guy got a bit older and his first tooth started popping through, silicone teethers became his favorite. Fresh out of the freezer is a great way to provide cooling relief as your babe works on popping that first tooth through. The pacifier looking kind were also great during this stage because it’s easier to move around and hit just the right spot.


Stage 3: Multiple Teeth/6+ months

Once your little one can easily hold things for himself, this banana teether + teething ring are the best! My little guy loves this banana teether so much, and I love the nifty handles because it’s easy to hold and he can’t accidentally gag himself. Both the banana and the teething ring are easy to to manipulate and move around making them perfect for this stage.


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