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2 Ways to Wear a Bow In Your Hair (for a Sophisticated, Grown Up Look)

It’s adorable tied in your little girls’ hair. It’s a major no-no on the butt of a bridesmaid dress. And you may even remembering wearing them as a little girl yourself. But you’ve probably never ventured into wearing them anytime recently, at least not in your hair!

Here’s 2 different hairstyles for how wear a bow in your hair to add a little fun & feminine touch to your style:

3 Ways to Tie a Silk Scarf in Your Hair

A silk scarf tied in your hair may look effortless & easy when it’s done correctly, but sometimes getting this look right the first time can be a little bit tricky! So today I’m sharing breaking it down & sharing 3 ways to get in on this effortlessly chic trend… complete with my fail-proof tips for keeping this look feeling elegant and polished (rather than childish & messy)! Because the trick to getting this hairstyle to look effortless is as easy as choosing the right type of hairstyle with the right length scarf!

3 Ways to Add a Bandana Scarf to Your Outfit for Fall

The bandana scarf is as versatile as it is inexpensive + each little pop of color adds so much depth, texture, and embellishment to any outfit. Adding a bandana scarf to your outfit is one of the easiest + budget-friendly ways to update your fall wardrobe. It’s been a huge trend this year + I’m so excited this trend is carrying right into fall!

2 Ways to Tie a Bandana Scarf in Your Hair

One of my favorite ways to spice up an outfit or add a pop of color to a look is with simple, standout accessories (hint: it’s #7 on my fail-proof list for effortless style). I've been loving the latest bandana scarf craze, especially when worn in your hair. Whether it’s a statement red or subdued navy, the bandana scarf adds a trendy edge to any outfit. Here are two simple + stylish ways to get in on this trend and tie a bandana scarf in your hair.

3 Ways to Style Your Hair With a Baseball Hat

The baseball hat has been a long-time fav accessory of mine. I love the effortless vibe it brings to an outfit, the way it elevates an otherwise simple look, and how it gives me an extra few days in between hair washes. Yes, please! 

Sometimes it’s tricky knowing how to style your hair with a baseball hat so you end up looking more effortlessly chic and less grungy mess. Here’s three fool proof ways to do it! [each with their own unique vibe]