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2 Minute Topknot + Bandana Scarf Tutorial

2 Minute Topknot + Bandana Scarf Tutorial

T O P K N O T : the perfect hairstyle for second (or third or fourth) day hair, also known as: the look-like-you-tried-but-actually-took-you-two-minutes hairstyle

While topknots look easy + effortless, getting the perfect topknot can actually be quite challenging... BUT it doesn’t have to be! I’m breaking it down in this step-by-step Photo + Video Tutorial, so you’ll be a pro in no time!

PS Feel free to save the downloadable HAIRSTYLE GUIDE I made for you as well, as a quick reminder on your phone or Pinterest board! As always, if you have any questions leave them in the comments below!

2 Minute Topknot + Bandana Scarf Hairstyle Tutorial

What You’ll Need:

Second Day Hair, 2 Hair Ties, Straightener, Dry Shampoo

PREP: Smooth any frizzy hair around face + Add dry shampoo


STEP 1: Secure in High Ponytail

Secure the hair into a high ponytail with your first hair tie, making sure to place it where you want your topknot to end up.


STEP 2: Twist Ponytail Hair Away from Face

Twist the ponytail hair away from your face, but not too tightly so you maintain good volume. TIP: If you have fine hair, use a sea-salt or texturizing spray to create more volume in your ponytail before twisting.


STEP 3: Wrap + Secure with Second Hair Tie

Wrap hair around and towards the front e to create a bun + secure with the second hair tie.


STEP 4: Pull Apart to Create More Volume

Make sure to pull from the top center (rather than the bottom) to keep the bun secure.


STEP 5: Wrap Bandana Scarf + Tie to One Side!

Wrap the bandana scarf around your topknot + tie off to one side.



(tap photo + use Pin button to save OR hold down on photo + save to phone) 



If you haven’t washed your hair in a week + need a quick hairstyle, I hope you this 2 Minute Topknot + Bandana Scarf Hairstyle comes in handy! So you can still look + feel your best!

xo, Adrianna

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