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How to Make a DIY Doormat (for under $20)

How to Make a DIY Doormat (for under $20)

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved giving gifts. From birthdays to Christmas, I have so many fond memories around shopping and giving gifts to family and friends over the years. From going Christmas shopping with my dad to pick out our annual pair of silk pajamas for my mom and then trying so hard not to spoil the surprise to seeing the joy on my grandma’s face as she paged through a photobook of memories from our once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York City, I love searching for that perfect little something that’s both personal + meaningful.

Homemade gifts are one of my favorite ways to give a gift that’s both personal + meaningful but doesn’t have to break the bank. As the years go by, our Christmas list has only grow bigger + bigger and DIY gifts have been a creative + fun way for us give heartfelt gifts + still stay on budget!

I made this DIY doormat for my mom’s birthday this past summer + I already can’t wait to make a few more for Christmas gifts this coming holiday season! If you’re looking for a personal +meaningful gift this holiday season, today’s DIY is a perfect place to start without breaking the bank!

Budget Friendly Tip: I bought all of the supplies I needed for this DIY at Target and spent under $20! The doormat, the foam sponges, the poster board, and the paints are all from Target’s home and craft sections.

How to Make a DIY Doormat (Homemade Christmas Gift for under $20)

What You’ll Need:

Doormat, Foam sponges, Acrylic craft paint, Masking tape, Push pins, Alphabet stencils

To Make Your Own Stencil You’ll Also Need:

Inkjet printer, Masking tape, Poster board, and X-acto knife

NOTE: You’ll notice I used a utility knife which worked just fine, but an x-acto knife will help give more precision and cut down on the hand cramps.


STEP #1 Create Your Stencil

If you’re using a pre-made alphabet stencil from the store, you can skip the step. I couldn’t find the type of font or large enough size of font I was looking for, so I decided to make my own stencil. Here’s how I did it…

How to Make Your Own Stencil:


#1 Print


#2 Tape


#3 Cut

#1 Print Simply print out your font on normal size 8x11 printer paper and experiment with different front styles + sizes until you find what looks best. You’ll most likely end up using multiple sheets of paper to get it big enough.

NOTE: Make sure to print in landscape mode, which can easily be done in the formatting options in Microsoft Word.

#2 Tape Then tape the printer paper sheets to poster board or skip this step by simply printing your design on heavier printer paper, like photo paper or card stock.

#3 Cut Finally, cut out the black portion of each letter with an x-acto or utility knife, making sure to keep and label any inner portions of certain letters such as the circle inside the letter “g” and “o”.


STEP #2 Lay Out Your Design

If you’re using a pre-made alphabet stencil from the store, simply lay out the letters on the doormat to create your word/phrase. If the letters are grouped together on one sheet, either cut them out individually making sure to cut with a straightedge so they will line up evenly alongside each other OR create a straight line with tape along the bottom of your word (like an underline) and mark evenly across where you will place each letter to create your word.

If you’re using your own homemade stencil, lay out each piece and use both masking tape and push pins to secure into place.


STEP #3 Paint Your Design

Use straight up and down dabbing motions with a foam sponge to paint each stenciled letter. You’ll want to hold each letter in place with your fingers to make sure the stencil stays in place. Also, make sure to use a fair amount of acrylic craft paint with each letter for a thick coat of paint that covers every fiber of the doormat to create a crisp, clean edge for each letter.


STEP #4 Let It Dry for 24 Hours + It’s Done!

Remove the stencils + touch up any edges before letting it dry for at least 24 hours. There’s no need to spray with a top coat, so once it’s dry it’s ready to use!


I would love to see what you create! If you try making this Homemade Christmas Gift DIY Doormat, make sure to tag me on Instagram @adrianna.bohrer so I can see! And don’t forget you can Pin these photos to Pinterest to save for later, too!



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