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How to Make a Balloon Arch (DIY)

How to Make a Balloon Arch (DIY)

My baby boy turned ONE last month + I can hardly believe it! I never thought my babies turning one year old would bother me so much, but I was an emotional roller coaster leading up to his birthday.


We celebrate birthdays BIG in our family! I always remember waking up to the kitchen completely decorated with streamers + balloons + a handmade ‘Happy Birthday’ sign on my birthday as a kid. It was one of my favorite parts of celebrating my birthday every year. So instead of living in denial that my baby was turning one, I decided to shift my focus to the fun + joy of throwing him his first ever birthday party, complete with all sorts of fun + festive decor! 


You better believe that included trying my hand at one of those effortless balloon arches you see floating around Instagram and Pinterest. I’ve regularly watched the DIY experts on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family tv show, but my DIY skills were pretty imaginary until now!


Balloon Arch DIY

I pieced together my own version of this balloon arch DIY from some Pinterest research + all my hours of watching Home & Family. It’s super simple + easy and doesn’t take too long either! (Especially if you bribe your husband, your dad, and your little brother into blowing up the balloons for you!) 


12” Balloons (2-3 different colors)

Fishing line

Bobby pin


3M Command hooks

Double Stick Tape


Step 1: Blow up Varying Size Balloons

Blow up all of the balloons in each color, making them all slightly different sizes. You can use an electric pump, hand pump, or blow them up by mouth.


Step 2: String the Balloons on Fishing Line

Tie the fishing line around a bobby pin (or yarn needle if you have one) and pop a small hole in each tied off piece of the balloon to create a garland of balloons. Since I wanted yellow to be the dominant colors, I did one white and one silver balloon for every two yellow balloons. Once all of balloons are on the fishing line, tie off each end around the last balloon. Make sure to leave a little extra wiggle room so you can adjust the balloons if you need to when you start hanging them. 

TIP: If you’re using multiple colors, I suggest picking one dominant color and getting 2x as many balloons in that color than you get in the other 2 accent colors.


Step 3: Hang the Balloon Arch with 3M Hooks + Double Stick Tape

Now, the fun part! Decide where you want to hang the balloon arch and place tiny, clear 3M Command Hooks where you want the arch to hang. Hook the fishing line on each hook and arrange the balloons by sliding them along the fishing line to create the perfect look. If you have trouble getting the fishing line to stay in place, hook one of the balloon ends over the hook to keep it from sliding around. Also, use double stick tape to help keep any stray balloons in place.


Voilà! Your very own DIY balloon arch! I hope you found this helpful + it inspires you to celebrate your next birthday party, bridal shower, or baby shower with a little extra flare!

 I would love to see what you create! If your try this Balloon Arch DIY, make sure to tag me on Instagram @adrianna.bohrer so I can see!

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