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3 Ways to Add a Bandana Scarf to Your Outfit for Fall

3 Ways to Add a Bandana Scarf to Your Outfit for Fall

The bandana scarf is as versatile as it is inexpensive + each little pop of color adds so much depth, texture, and embellishment to any outfit. Adding a bandana scarf to your outfit is one of the easiest + budget-friendly ways to update your fall wardrobe. It’s been a huge trend this year + I’m so excited this trend is carrying right into fall!

Tie a cream + black polka dot silk scarf around your ponytail to elevate a simple black sweater + jeans. Or bring a western vibe to your denim chambray by tying a bandana scarf around your neck. Or keep it simple + toss an olive scarf on your purse!

The options are endless + the rich fall colors available this season will add a little something extra to your fall wardrobe. I’m sharing 3 ways to wear a bandana scarf for fall, all styled with the same outfit to show you how versatile this little accessory can be.

TIP: Pick a scarf color that contrasts with your hair color — like a dark olive scarf for light blonde hair or a mustard yellow scarf for dark brown hair. This will create contrast, making the accessory pop and complimenting your natural complexion.

3 Ways to Add a Bandana Scarf to Your Outfit

#1 Tie Around Your Purse


HOW TO: Throw a scarf around the handle + let it hang longer on one side + dip your toe into the bandana scarf trend!


#2 Tie Around Your TopKnot


HOW TO: Throw your hair in a topknot + add a scarf + no one will know you haven’t washed your hair in a week!

TIP: Tie the scarf nice and loose around your topknot. If you tie it too tight, it’ll squish the topknot into a funny shape and loose all the volume.


#3 Tie Around Your Neck


HOW TO: Add a western vibe + tie a scarf around your neck off to one side + have fun with it!


I hope these 3 ways to add bandana scarf to your outfit inspire your style + bring more joy to your everyday outfits! I would love to see how you style it, come share with me over on Instagram @adrianna.bohrer!

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