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3 Reasons to Have a Kitchen Dance Party Right Now

3 Reasons to Have a Kitchen Dance Party Right Now

The kitchen dance party - or bathroom, car, bedroom, upstairs hallway, grocery store aisle dance party - is pretty much a daily occurrence around here! Whenever I’m feeling down or just stuck in a bad mood, I always turn on some music and bust out my best kitchen dance moves to get it out of my system and into a better mood!

Music is great by itself, but if you don’t MOVE your body along with it then this whole kitchen dance party thing just might not have the same effect for you!

So here’s my TOP 3 Reasons to Have a Kitchen Dance Party Right Now & why this fun little break has become a daily habit for me! (& hopefully will for you too!)

3 Reasons to Have a Kitchen Dance Party Right Now


#1 Movement is good for your body!

Aka, it’s exercise you don’t even realize you’re doing! Especially if you weren’t able to fit in a workout or you’re not feeling well enough to workout these days — I’ve been there, & I can SO relate! — then this little 5 minute kitchen dance party is a great way to keep your body active without overdoing it!


#2 Shake off a bad mood OR start the day in a GOOD mood!

No matter how I’m feeling in the moment, turning on some music and dancing around for a few minutes always puts me in a better mood. I literally “shake it off” when I’m in a bad mood OR get the day started off on the right foot! (no pun intended 😉)


#3 It’s fun! (duh!)

No seriously, we could all use a little more silly fun in our lives — and this kitchen dance party is just what the doctor ordered... My daily kitchen dance party always reminds me to step outside my comfort zone (aka showing off my dance moves) & have a little more fun with my life! Because I don’t know about you, but whenever I grab my toddler and we dance around the kitchen to the latest pop hit, we always end up laughing & giggling & having the best time ever! Those moments have become some of my favorite mama & son memories we have together!


I hope this inspires you to have a little more fun & bring some joy into your life in the form of an impromptu kitchen dance party today! Turn on your favorite song & literally “shake it off” as you show off your best kitchen dance moves!

Then come on over to Instagram + tag me @adrianna.bohrer and let me know your FAV kitchen dance party song! I’m always on the lookout for new tunes to add to my kitchen dance party playlist, and I have feeling you’ve got my next fav song already on your playlist!

I can’t wait to hear from you! It’s literally my fav part of this blog when I get to read your comments & messages every day!

xo, Adrianna



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