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3 Ways to Have a Successful Shopping Trip

3 Ways to Have a Successful Shopping Trip

Whether an afternoon of shopping downtown boutiques sounds like the perfect girls’ day or you’re just looking for a little “me time” at Target while you’re hubby takes the kiddos to the toy section, these tips will make sure your shopping time is time well spent! Meaning it was fun, stress-free, & maybe you even end up finding your new fav basic tee!

3 Ways to Have a Successful Shopping Trip


1. Go With Something In Mind

Whether you make an actual list of clothes you want to add to your closet this season (olive utility jacket, distressed denim shorts) or just have a rough idea of what you’re looking for (new summer shorts), it always helps to go shopping with something in mind! It helps narrow your focus & make sure you actually feel like all that time spent in the dressing room was well worth it! I like to shop for a few new pieces of clothes at the beginning of every season & take a peek inside my closet to see what I might be missing! 


PS if your closet needs a good overhaul & you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the process, I highly recommend checking out my 7 Day Style Refresh online course  (it’s completely self-paced & will make sure you actually have some FUN in the process!) 


2.  Do Your Hair & Makeup

If you’re planning an afternoon trip to the mall or just popping into Target for a little “me time” without the kiddos, freshen up your hair & makeup a little before you go! I’m not talking all out fancy hairstyles & perfectly curled eyelashes. Topknots & a few swipes of mascara will do! Because no matter how awesome the clothes look on you, if you’re feeling like a hot mess odds are you won’t feel good in them!


3. Wear Easy On & Off Shoes

Guys, this one’s super simple but highly effective! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve avoided the dressing room because I didn’t want to unbuckle, untie, or yank off my favorite pair of shoes. In order to have a really successful shopping day (& maybe this should have been tip #1!), you have to try stuff on! Clothes will always look different on the hanger than they will on your body, & making sure you’re wearing easy on/off shoes makes hopping into the dressing room to try them on makes it that much easier!


I hope these shopping tips we’re helpful & they can help inspire your next effortless outfit! If you’re not already, make sure to come on over to Instagram & follow along for even MORE daily style tips, outfit inspo, & mom life moments! Can’t wait to see you there!

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