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9 Ways to Wear an Olive Jacket

9 Ways to Wear an Olive Jacket

An olive jacket is pretty much the peanut butter to my “jeans & a tee” jelly… it blends so well with my everyday basics & adds a masculine edge to some of my more girly looks. Today on the blog, I’m sharing to 9 different ways to style an olive jacket… whether it’s a masculine utility jacket or a comfy sweater-type jacket, these outfit ideas are sure to spark your creativity & be the perfect addition to your spring & summer wardrobe!

9 Ways to Style An Olive Jacket

#1 V-Neck Tee & Jeans


#2 Stripped Tee & Sneakers


#3 Maternity Tee & Leggings


#4 Classic Grey Tee & Sperry’s


#5 Braided Hairstyle & Oversized Tee


#6 Baseball Hat & Leggings


#7 Tied Around Your Waist & Jeans+Tee


#8 Tied Around Your Waist & Athleisure Outfit


#9 Denim Shorts & Fitted Tee


I hope these outfit ideas help inspire your next effortless outfit & maybe even add a new olive jacket to the mix! Thank for reading & following along! Don’t forget you can pin these photos to Pinterest + save them for later! Use the Pinterest button below or simply click on any photo to save it.

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7 Mix & Match Pieces for Effortless Mom Style Outfits

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I N V I S I B L E Illness