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How to Tie, Tuck, & Knot Your Tee Shirt to Flatter Your Figure

How to Tie, Tuck, & Knot Your Tee Shirt to Flatter Your Figure

There’s no doubt about it that tucking in or tying your tee instantly makes your outfit look more flattering + pulled together. Whether you’re going for a polished + clean vibe or an effortless + chic everyday look, mastering the knack of how to tie, tuck, and knot your tee is essential. So today I’m walking through it all the best way I know how, step by step showing you three different levels of tying, tucking, and knotting your tee + how I decide which one to wear with an outfit!


How to Tie, Tuck, & Knot Your Tee to Flatter Your Figure


Level #1 Untucked

I almost never wear a tee untucked (unless it’s a fitted maternity tee and I’m actually pregnant!), so I don’t recommend this style. Because not only does the outfit lack shape and dimension, but a tee will usually hang away from your body in an unflattering position making you appear bigger and heavier or it’ll lay across your hips accentuating the largest part of your body, again making you appear bigger than you actually are. It’s all about creating shape & flattering your figure and leaving a tee untucked rarely does either.


Level #2 The Partial Tuck

Whether you decide to tuck in the entire front side of your tee (front tuck) or just a couple inches off centered (accidental tuck, this is one of the easier ways to flatter your figure + creating shape and dimension in your outfit. By drawing attention to your waistline + showing more of your leg, this look elongates your entire frame by simply tucking in your tee.


Level #3 Tying or Knotting Your Tee

While I don’t do this quite as often as the partial tuck, tying your tee is such a fun way to mix it up + create even more shape in your outfit. This is great for high waisted jeans or leggings, because the tie takes a little bit more fabric than the tuck and will usually cause the tee to end up a little bit shorter when it’s all said and done. Oh, and the knot difference between tying and knotting is how you create the gather.

HOW TO TIE: take two side of the tee + just tie them together like your would your shoelaces (you need quite a bit of fabric to do this, so it works best for really loose fitting or baggy tees)

HOW TO KNOT: grab a section in one hand and them loop it over on itself and pull it through the loop to create the knot (you don’t need as much fabric for this, so it’s usually my go-to, like in this outfit I’m wearing in today’s post.)

STYLE TIP: You want the tie / knot to hit right at the waistband of your jeans to give you the best figure flattering look!

I can’t wait to see how you use these style tips in your own outfits, come on over to Instagram + tag me @adrianna.bohrer or send me a message, so I can see!

xo, Adrianna


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