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My Daily Gluten-Free + Non-Toxic  Makeup Routine

My Daily Gluten-Free + Non-Toxic Makeup Routine

I completely overhauled my diet + went gluten-free over 9 years now, but my makeup routine took a little longer to catch up…

It wasn’t as easy back then to find reputable, certified gluten-free, and non-toxic makeup alternatives. And honestly I still think its kind of hard… there’s just so many options. Some work, some don’t. Some cost an arm and a leg. And what’s worth the splurge? By the time you find your favorites, you’ve usually spent hundreds of dollars and months (or years) of frustration trying to figure it out.

I’m constantly learning more and more about non toxic vs toxic chemicals and new ways that gluten can unknowingly show up in my daily beauty routine, but I’ve spent years researching and trying out tons of new makeup products and I’ve finally found some amazing products I use and absolutely love! So I wanted to share them with you in hopes of saving you a little time and lots of frustration finding your own gluten free + non toxic makeup favs!


My 7 Step Daily Makeup Routine

(Gluten Free + Non Toxic Products)


STEP 1: Jane Iredale ActiveLight Undereye Concealer + No 7 Eyebrow Pencil

Place concealer in corner + underneaht eyes (I also use to cover up an blemishes). Fill in eyebrows with brow pencil.

STEP 2: BareMinerals Original Foundation + Full Coverage Brush

Use a full coverage brush to apply foundation all over face, after concealer has had a chance to absorb and set.

STEP 3: BareMinerals Highlight & Contour Kit + Contour Brush

Use darker shades to contour on either side of nose, under cheek bones, and along jawline. Use lighter shades to highlight under outer section of either eyebrow, along center of nose, upper cheeks, and chin.


STEP 4: Red Apple Eyeliner + BareMinerals Eyeshadow

Place eyeliner 3/4 of the way along both top and bottom eyelids. Layer eyeshadow color to achieve desired intensity depending upon the day.

STEP 5: Jane Iredale Blush

Layer 1-2 shades of blush in either coral or pink shades to give your face color and add dimension.

STEP 6: Red Apple Mascara

Apply Red Apple’s dry formula mascara to make you eyes pop, and make sure to layer multiple coats for maximum effect.

STEP 7: Red Apple Lipstick

Before heading out the door (or let’s be honest, sometimes in the car), dab a little Red Apple lipstick on your lips to bring the whole look together!




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