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The Ultimate Guide to Swimsuit Shopping for New Mamas

The Ultimate Guide to Swimsuit Shopping for New Mamas

Our bodies are amazing. We can grow, feed and nurture a tiny human being. That’s pretty amazing, don’t you think? No matter how you give birth (c section mama over here!), it’s a crazy amazing experience that requires so much of us as women. We are strong, capable and beautiful, and we have the bodies to show for it.

But nurturing tiny human beings can be tough, and with stretch marks here, saggy skin there, and a little extra weight in places you didn’t even know existed, swimsuit shopping can easily become the last thing on your to do list.

That’s why I created the Ultimate Guide to Swimsuit Shopping for New Moms. Because we should be proud of the bodies that motherhood made and still be able to find a swimsuit we feel amazing in! And maybe, just maybe, these tips will even make swimsuit shopping a little more fun + enjoyable, too!

The Ultimate Guide to Swimsuit Shopping for New Mamas


#1 Try on at Home

Cramped dressing rooms, fluorescent lighting, and nosy (albeit well meaning) sales people... ain’t nobody got time for that. Save yourself the frustration and order online (or pick up a few options from the store) to try in the comfort of your own home. Not only is there better lighting, but you can mix and match new pieces with other tops and bottoms or coverups you already own to make sure you love it.

#2 Test it Out

Not every store has the Athleta “give it a workout” guarantee. But even if you can’t get in the water, you can still bend, squat, and give it your best Michael Phelps impersonation (you know, the swinging slapping arms pre-race routine). Then you’ll be sure it’ll withstand your early morning paddle board sessions or swim lessons with the kiddos.


#3 Invest in High Quality

If you pay $20 for a swimsuit you’re gunna get $20 worth of a swim suit. Which usually means saggy bums and saggy other-things-you-don’t-want-saggy when you get in the water. It’s going to get wet, be tugged on by your loving babies, and hopefully spend hours soaking up the summer sun. So you want a suit that’s going to last. If you want it to stay in place, not be see through, and maintain it’s vibrant colors for more than just one season, take the plunge and invest in high quality swimwear. You + your wallet will thank me later!

STYLE TIP: If you’re looking for a place to start, two of my absolute favorite brands are Athleta and Albion Fit.

#4 Find your Swim Uniform

It could be a halter top and board shorts, or a one piece and sundress, or tank and skirt combo. Find a swim suit combo that feels good, flatters your figure and most importantly make you feel confident + comfortable. There are tons of great “which suit flatters your figure” types of articles out there, but be careful not to take them too seriously. It’s a great starting point, but don’t let it keep you from trying on a certain type of suit just because you think it’s not going to work. You never know until you try! That being said, once you find your favorite combo don’t be afraid to stick with it either.

#5 Choose Trends Wisely

Instead of going all out with a trend and searching high and low for just the right flattering suit, stick with your favorite swim uniform (that you just discovered in #4) and find ways to add elements of a trend you love. This way you can still be confident + comfortable while keeping things fresh and current with the trends you love each season.

For example, if your swim uniform is a halter top and board shorts but you love the high neck trend, swap out your halter bikini top for a high neck version instead. If your swim uniform is a one piece and sundress but you love the high waisted trend, switch your sundress coverup for some high waisted cut offs. Play with different colors, patterns, cut out details, strappy backs, ruffle trims, and more to incorporate trends you’re currently loving.

STYLE TIP: It’s totally okay to love a trend on someone else and not rock it yourself. I love high waisted bottoms and one pieces, but because I have a long torso they just never hit me in the right spot. And that’s totally okay! I choose to stick with what works best for me.


I hope these tips help make swimsuit shopping a little more fun for you + ultimately help you find a suit you feel amazing in. Because you deserve to feel like the amazing + beautiful mama you are! Have some fun finding your new swimsuit favs and proudly rock that new mama bod. You earned it!

xo, Adrianna


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