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The #1 Mindset Shift I Used to Finally Embrace Healthy Eating as a Lifestyle

I’ve had my fair share of ups & downs with healthy eating, but last year I FINALLY discovered something that made a HUGE difference in how I viewed health eating AND allowed me to finally embrace healthy eating a lifestyle, not just a temporary goal that felt tough and restrictive. I discovered this Mindset Shift after years of struggling with restrictive diets & chronic health issues, but once I started applying to my life it instantly became a total game-changer! And no, it isn’t some fancy meditation or complicated 3 step process I go through before I take a single bite of food… no, its actually quite simple.

Healthy Living Swaps: 3 Ingredient Sugar Free Margarita (Recipe)

Before you dive head first into cozy sweaters + pumpkin spice lattes, let's enjoy one last summertime soirée! 

And no summertime soirée is complete without the quintessential drink of summer: margaritas. Traditional margaritas can be loaded with tons of extra sugars and artificial sweeteners that aren't helping your newly inspired health goals for fall. Stay on track and start this new season feeling energized + renewed with this 3 Ingredients Sugar Free Margarita recipe instead! 

Healthy Living Swaps: Chips + Salsa

If you’ve read my bio (if not, you can check it out here), then you know I’ve spent the past 7+ years using food & lifestyle changes to fight chronic illness. Throughout this journey, it’s become a passion of mine to find little ways to live healthier without sacrificing all the things I’ve come to love.

From yummy foods to fav makeup finds, ‘Healthy Living Swaps’ is where I’m going to share my favorite ways to live healthier + enjoy doing it! First up, Chips + Salsa!